Hello everyone!

This is just a reminder for everyone who is entering Panels for the Competition being judged on 25th March that these printed entries should be handed in to Sandy at next weeks meeting on 11th March.

Also another reminder that at our meeting on 25th March,  entries for the last and 8th OPEN PRINT Competition will be due in readiness for the judging on the 8th April.

“Thank you everyone for your co operation,  which helps our evenings to run smoothly.  It has been a great joy to see so many entries so keep up the good work I know it will be a bit of a struggle for us all to get our prints together on time, but we will soon be over the last hurdle!    Also keep in mind of course the final ANNUAL PRINT COMP which has been brought  forward to 6th May.

Good luck of course to everyone and thank you.      Kind regards Sandy”