5th February Meeting

Tom Lloyd traveled from Lydd to present his talk ‘Black and White My Way’ He learned his craft as a military photographer for almost 30
years and predominantly using black and white film and developing his images in the dark room. He then worked as a specialist photographer with the police force. In both fields of work he was required to either document or obtain evidence and in addition to black and white film he was required on some occasions to use Infra-red for night surveillance work, ultra violet techniques for detecting prints and green filters for wounds, scars and bruising.
In 2012 he retired and began taking photographs purely for his own enjoyment and of subjects that pleased him and not necessarily a to the liking of a competition judge.
Toms experience helps him capture powerful Black and White images. He gave members some advice about trying to ’see’ in black and white. He suggested looking for lines, shapes and textures and to visualise what the scene may look like with colour eliminated. He showed examples of simple compositions that focus on a subject or portrait and images of landscapes and seascapes taken on overcast days with moody skies. He avoids a busy colourful scene but on occasions harshly lit scenes with plenty of contrast make for a striking image.
In the second half of the evening Tom shared some of his editing skills with members and answered questions.. He demonstrated what could be achieved by using some relatively simple techniques within photoshop to create striking portraits, atmospheric seascapes and dramatic or mysterious street and architectural scenes.
Members were inspired to experiment with there own existing images and armed with plenty of ideas about capturing a great source image to convert to Black and White.