Canterbury Photographic Society



Malcolm Hardie judged the first projected digital competition of the season.

Members were able to enter any subject of their choosing at this open league competition.

Malcolm gave praise and advice on both composition and technical  qualities of a total of fifty five images.

The overall winner on the night was Bill Grinney who scored 20 for his Cricket image ‘Owzatt’.

Phil Grosvenor and Wendy Kennett also scored 20 and Highly Commended certificates for their images ‘Westgate Gardens in Spring’ and ‘Punting on the Stour’ respectively.

Also achieving 19 points and Highly Commended certificates were Sharon Higenbottam, Wendy Kennett and Derek Marsh for their images ‘Tunis after the Jasmine Revolution’, ‘Rain Stops Play’ and ‘Over the Gate’ respectively.

At the next meeting members are looking forward to guest speaker Sue Chapman presenting her talk ‘Before and After’ Sue specialises in editing images using a variety of Photoshop plugins.

25th September 2019- 1st Competition- PDI - Open.

Judge - Malcombe Hardie.

11th September Meeting

Winner and Highly Commended.

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