Canterbury Photographic Society





"I touched upon Photography years ago at college, where I played with film in a darkroom. But it wasn't until years later when I got my first camera- a digital camera which was a game-changer!

I got involved seriously in the hobby around 2017 when I first moved to Canterbury from South London. I joined the Canterbury Photographic Society, and found the other members friendly and helpful. The guest Judges give constructive critique at our competitions, and of course I don't always agree with their opinions, but nevertheless a lot has been learnt from their comments.

I feel my photography has improved since joining the CPS, and I have become a much stronger and more confident photographer. The competitions are not my priority, as sometimes doing what you think the judge will like rather than what YOU would like is not necessarily healthy, but I have found I'm getting higher scores and more succesful in the competitions so feel I must be improving!"