Canterbury Photographic Society



Members of the Canterbury Photographic Society were given an opportunity to try their hand at a studio portrait photography session at this weeks meeting.

Club member Jon Strange, who specialises in portraiture, very kindly agreed to demonstrate a typical lighting setup for a small indoor area.

He supplied the backdrop and lights including the necessary triggers for members to attach to their cameras and experiment.

He explained the importance of positioning the lights to achieve the most flattering image and advice about positioning the model.

Jon recommended model Sophie Jarvis who was very photogenic and extremely patient as members came forward in turn to direct and request various poses and lighting effects.

After the break Jon set up his laptop and guided members through his editing process in Lightroom and Photoshop. The majority of members who took part left the meeting with some images that they were pleased with and knowledge of how to get the best results with some simple editing techniques.

9th October 2019- Member's Evening:

Studio Portrait Workshop with Jon Strange

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