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Nick Peacock  L.W.C.M.D.  F.E.T.C.  P.P.A.

Photography Is My New Guitar



After graduating  as a classical concert guitarist in 1998 and a teacher the following year I then  went to Vienna to teach music. During my time there a very good friend of mine who was deep into photography got me interested in taking pictures with my preference being Beethoven. I would take pictures of where he lived and composed his great works, the country side where he would endlessly walk. Anything that would mentally aid my own musicianship and understanding of the composer.


In 2004 I then went on to teach music in Prague where regrettably photography took no further part in my life. Returning to England in 2006 I settled in Canterbury, a city I had always loved from all my previous visits, and continued my guitar playing.


During mid to late 2017 I had simply had enough of playing the guitar and started to look for something else to replace it. And from searching the internet I came across Canterbury Photographic Society and I thought I would dig out my Cyber-shot and Minolta and have another attempt at photography.


In September of last year I became a full member of Canterbury Photographic Society where I have had the privilege to of met so many kind, helpful and welcoming people. Who, from their own experience and knowledge, club photographic competitions and talks I have become more and more interested in photography and I have learnt a great deal which has helped me without doubt progress in my own image taking.

Since February of this year I have been on a beginners course of photography and I'm enjoying taking pictures of any genre I can think of with my Panasonic Lumix FZ200 and Sony Cyber-shot, which I hope you will enjoy.  

(Licentiate of the Welsh Collage of Music and Drama     Further Education Teaching Certificate    Pre-school Playgroups Association)

Mr Robin

Mr. Robin



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