Canterbury Photographic Society


2015-2016 Meeting Reports:  November and December

25th November 2015 - 3rd League Competition (DPI)

At our last meeting we held a digital projected images competition with the set subject of 'animal portraits' followed by the 'open' section.  The visiting judge was Cherry Larcombe from Thanet.


Cherry was very helpful and informative about the merits of each image and members were able to easily comprehend reasons for her preference in choosing certain pictures over others, which, when there are thirty three images to choose from all depicting various animals is quite an achievement.  There were a wide selection from horses to hares and hippos to meerkats.


The open section again presented an extensive range of subjects and rounded off a splendid evening.


Results as follows:

Set Subject Winner:   Golden Eye by Nick Wells

Highly Commended:  Leo by Di Long

Highly Commended:  Kestral by John Howard


Open Subject Winne: Off the Rails by Di Long

Highly Commended: Brave new World by John Davies  

Highly Commended:  Lonesome Walk by Di Long


Our next meeting on 9th December will be a print competition with the set subject of 'The four elements' judged by Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB


click here to see winning images

11th November 2015 - Workshop:  Inkjet Printing Master Class

At this week's meeting members were given ideas and tips on how to improve their digital printing techniques.  The speaker John Read produced a wide range of examples of print papers and inks together with cleaning kits and other aids for better printing.


John pointed out the most important areas that lead to better quality prints and which ones had the most effect on the final outcome from the printer.


Our next meeting on 25th November is a digital projected image competition with the set subject of 'animal portrait' followed as usual by the open section which will be judged by Cherry Larcombe.

4th November 2015 - Lecture with Paul Adams

At this week's meeting members were treated to a talk by Paul Adams entitled 'taking better pictures'.  Paul kept to the basics and explained some of the 'rules' of picture taking and demonstrated this with a collection of his images and talked about how he had composed each one as much as possible 'in camera' and altered if necessary until he was satisfied with them.


After the break Paul handed round examples of his print work to give members a close up view of the standards he achieves. Finally we had an enjoyable and useful question and answer session where members were given tips and ideas on improving their work.


A thoroughly entertaining and informative evening was enjoyed by all.


Next week's meeting will be our second digital projected image competition when the set subject is 'animal portrait' followed by the 'open' section judged by Cherry Larcombe.

2nd December 2015 - Lecture with Ray Bridges

Last week we were treated to a talk by Ray Bridges a very well known and successful photographer from Maidstone.  Ray's lecture showed a wide range of superb images to an intentive audience.


Ray has many tricks up his sleeve when it comes to digital manipulation and he shared some ideas with members which I am sure we will see examples of in the future.  A wide range of images including many that have been accepted Worldwide in salons and exhibitions was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience who were very appreciative of the way the whole evening was presented.


Next week is an additional members evening and will be open to various presentations by members.


Member having a chat with visiting speaker Ray Bridges during the tea break

9th December 2015 - 4th League Competition (Print)

The visiting judge at last Wednesday's meeting was Sue Chapman from Ashford.


Sue had the task of judging our print competition with the first half being the set subject which was 'The four elements' followed after the break by the own section where anything goes.  Members provided Sue with images of wind, fire, water and earth and the majority of water pictures were in fact water in its frozen state as ice and included some colourful iceberg images as well as icicles and glaciers.


Sue commented on all the wide range of images on show and gave her reasons for marks being awarded and in most cases also suggested a way of improving all or parts of pictures to, in her opinion, enhance the overall end result.


Results were as follows


Set subject Winner:  Balls of Fire by Jon Strange

Highly Commended:  Iceberg Lagoon Jokulsarlon by Linda Gothard        

Highly Commended:  Ice Berries by Philip Wells

Highly Commended:  Behind the Curtain by Pete Covill

Highly Commended:  Split Mountain After Upheaval by Barry Amos


Open Winner:  Strawberry and Cream by DI Long

Highly Commended:   Shepherd's Hut by Steve Presnel

Highly Commended:   Playing Catch Up by DI Long

Highly Commended:   Cretan Wall Lizard by John Kemp

Highly Commended:   A Walk in the Park by Wendy Kennet


A thoroughly entertaining and informative evening was enjoyed by all.


click here to see winning images


A members' Evening where an exchange of ideas and experience is an integral part of the meeting


The club programme has now finished for the Christmas break, and shall re-start on 6th January 2016.