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Guest Judge Glyn Barham LRPS CPAGB returned to the club once again to judge our last PDI competition of the season, the Annual Projected Digital Images Competition.

Glyn judged each category with his usual positive and encouraging comments. He said that he felt that compliments, when explaining why things are good, are just as helpful for members to learn by than negative criticisms.

The Annual Competition categories were; Pictorial, Landscape/Seascape, Animal Portrait, Nature/Wildlife, Creative, Human Portrait, and Record.


There were a variety of images taken within each category, though some more than others.


The Winner of Pictorial was THE STRAY by Sarah Vinall, with LIGHT AND MIST by Lyn Gregory being Highly Commended.


The Winner of  Landscape/Seascape was EVENTIDE AT HERNE BAY by Bill Grinney, with COBBOLD POINT by Wendy Kennett being Highly Commended.


The Winner of Animal Portrait was WATCHING NEXT DOOR'S BARBECUE by Sarah Vinall, with I KNEW I HID THEM HERE by Jo Court being Highly Commended.


The Winner of Nature/Wildlife was COMMON BLUE BUTTERFLY by Philip Wells, with GARDEN SPIDER by Sandy Littlejohn being Highly Commended.


The Winner of Creative was FIELD OF DREAMS by Steve Presnell, with HEADING HOME by Lyn Gregory being Highly Commended.


The Winner of Human Portrait was ROGER FEDERER by Philip Wells, with FAUX MORRISSEY by Phil Grosvenor being Highly Commended.


The Winner of Record was GLASS BOAT OF PEACE 2019 by Chris Williamson, with AMBER GLASS by David Horwood and BUDEDBERG PRESSURE GAUGE by Philip Wells both being Highly Commended.



The overall Annual PDI 2019 winner was Steve Presnell with Field Of Dreams, winner of the Creative category.



Glyn gave scores to all of the entries to help give indication of how succesful he found them and how much room for improvement he felt they had. The scores will not count towards the leagues, which have finished for this season.

1st May- Annual PDI (Printed Digital Image) Competition 2019.

Guest Judge: Glyn Barham LRPS CPAGB.


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