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6th March- Guest Talk - Alex Hare.

'Landscape Photography- A Journey In Technique, Lighting And Composition'

Renowned awarding winning and published local landscape photographer Alex Hare shared his photographic journey with members at Wednesday’s meeting.  

He thought that a career in the Royal Marines would suit his love of outdoor pursuits and travel but became disillusioned and soon left to train as a solicitor.

His love of photography took hold and he began to travel with his camera and was influenced by the likes of Ansel Adams, Charlie Waite and Joe Cornish. He learned much from their approach to photography.   He plotted their locations and mapped their viewpoints but gradually took great satisfaction in capturing  photographs from a different vantage point and in different conditions making the images his own.

He is a firm believer of doing the best you can with the equipment available to you and achieving as much in camera as possible to reduce the time spent in the digital darkroom but accepts that this is an essential part of giving life to an image that you have taken the time to capture.

His presentation included some excellent examples of his successful images and the stories behind what made them memorable images but he wasn’t shy to share those early images, some taken on film cameras, and point out his mistakes and how he learned and progressed.

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