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27th March- Guest Talk - Shirley Hollis.

'A Moment Captured'


The very talented photographer Shirley Hollis ARPS AFIAP travelled from Bedfordshire with a huge variety of mounted prints to share with the members at our last meeting. She has had images selected for the London Salon, won numerous awards and sells her images.

Shirley doesn’t confine herself to any particular genre but loves to add her own little twist to make a well known scene a little different and stand out from the rest. She encouraged us to take on board judges comments on our work and learn from them but said ‘it’s ok to break the rules sometimes and if you like the results do what pleases you first and foremost.’ This point was demonstrated with an image that received a Gold award at the London Salon. She ignored a previous judges comment to remove part of the image.  She felt strongly that it was an essential element of the piece...and she was right!

She showed some of her early work that she would like to have taken differently now and some more recent images where she has experimented with camera settings and become more creative in camera. Her Associate panel of fifteen images for the Royal Photographic Society was displayed and based on her local woodland through the changing seasons using intentional camera movement. She read out the accompanying statement of intent and expressed the importance of demonstrating images adhere to the statement,  rules for a cohesive panel layout, choice of paper and mounting, all of which help to achieve this Distinction.  

The second half of her presentation was largely based on a collection of images from five separate trips to Iceland and demonstrated the often harsh conditions to contend with as a photographer. Freak waves, icy  conditions, sand blasting in high winds and spray from geysers and waterfalls all make for challenging conditions to shoot in. She ended the evening with some very new editing and camera techniques and projects that she’s working on and there was time for members to ask questions.

Please visit for Shirley's work.

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