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Following a night of thunder storms and torrential rain, the first outing of the club's summer shoot programme seemed doomed. However, by late afternoon the clouds parted and the sun shone.

Twelve members braved the threat of more storms and headed out to Old Bladbean Stud Gardens situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Carole Bruce, owner of this stunning private garden opens to the public as part of the National Garden Scheme Open Gardens, raising money for charity. She designed and cares for the garden without help and without the use of regular watering, artificial fertilizers and pesticides. For this reason the right plants in the right place philosophy is essential and encouraging and working with the wildlife is also very important to her.  

Carole very kindly agreed to a private visit for CPS members to move freely from one garden room to the next. The combination of planting and design was quite breathtaking. Roses, Aliums, Iris, Foxgloves and Delphiniums packed naturally together created a harmonious blend of colour and form and an incredible scent. Clearly there were signs of many more emerging plants to take the place of those at their peak now.

Members captured many styles of images ranging from straight shots to more creative in camera techniques and as light faded the group headed off to the local pub and enjoyed the rest of a very pleasant evening.

19th June- Summer Shoot meet

Old Bladbean Stud Gardens

22nd May Meeting Back To Summer Shoots

CPS Members at Old BladBlean Stud Gardens

3rd June Summer Shoot