Canterbury Photographic Society


John Kemp

"I have been a keen amateur photographer for over half a century, and though my subject matter is largely centred around my other interests of natural history, astronomy, landscape, music, town twinning, family, now grandchildren - and I have to add: flummoxing judges too, I have a very definite interest in photography as a hobby per se. I cut my teeth on Kodachrome slides, which is EXCELLENT training, as you have to get the finished product right in the camera, but it ruins one's appreciation of digital projectors (a Kodachrome slide is roughly equivalent to a 20 megapixel digital image, and projected has about 4x the linear resolution of an image projected at 1400x1025pixels).


But I'm also an opportunist photographer (though there are some popular subjects that bore me stiff). I do largely what I call "pictorial record" - I very rarely do "creative" unless specifically inspired (e.g. "Gemma").


There are two attitudes to Photoshop: those that revel in it (and occasionally over-use its facilities) and those who take the view that if you can tell as picture has been photoshopped it's been done badly. I tend to the latter, though I exempt thoughtful good creative work, which I do admire and respect, from this mild censure!

Somehow, a high proportion of my output is in portrait format, but, owing to the low resolution of screen displays, I have limited my gallery to landscape format images.  Three of the last 36 submissions to my Flickr site have made it to “EXPLORE” - a success rate I'm very happy with. There are two high resolution videos on the site, including an Aurora in Iceland."