Canterbury Photographic Society


The end of this season sees some vacancies on the CPS Committee which will need to be filled for next season.

Nomination forms will be available at the next meeting for vacant committee positions. These will include Chairman, Print Secretary, Programme Secretary, and Club Secretary.


Dave Cornelius is stepping down as Chairman due to ill health.

Pete needs a break after 6 years as Print secretary.

Steve our Programme Secretary is soon to move out of the area but we hope to see him for some of next season.

Sharon Higenbottam kindly volunteered to take minutes at meetings and be a point of contact for the club, and has been temporarily doing so since our last Club Secretary left the CPS. The position will need to be officially filled for next season.


Anyone wishing to stand as a general committee member would also be very welcome to apply.


Completed Nomination forms need to be handed to Sharon Higginbotham by 15th MAY.

Job Descriptions agreed by committee are below:

Canterbury Photographic Society

Job Description for Chairman


Broadly speaking, the role of the Club Chairman is to co-ordinate and guide the management of the Club for the benefit of its Members. The Chair is responsible for steering the club and ensuring that the club’s practices and policies are carried out. A good Chairman will be the driving force behind a club’s initiatives and will work closely with the other officers of the club. The Chairman acts as the spokesman for the club and deals with any issues of conflict with full participation and inclusion of the Committee which may arise. He/She needs to be aware of the club’s financial situation and how the club is functioning on a day to day basis. The Chairman should be familiar with the Club Constitution and the club’s rules and regulations, as well as the abilities and experience of his/her Committee Members. The Chairman’s tasks will include:

1. Organise and Plan committee meetings.

2. Liaise with the Club Secretary in preparing agendas,

3. Ensure the meeting starts on time and continues without too much diversion from matters in hand.

4. Give everyone at the meeting a chance to speak.

5. Be diplomatic and smooth over differences of opinion if they arise.

6. Make sure that any necessary decisions are taken with a vote if needed. If votes are divided equally, the Chairman has the casting vote.

7. Make sure that decisions made are carried out.

8. Make sure Committee Meetings are held on a regular basis

9. Be sure that decisions are made with full involvement of the Committee


At AGM additional roles are:

10. Present an annual report on the club’s situation highlighting successes and bringing members’ attention to any special issues they need to be aware of.

11. Present cups, awards and prizes.

12. Thank individuals for their contributions to the running of the club


Other responsibilities and duties

13. Encourage members to take an active part in running the club.

14. Make sure new members are made welcome and looked after.

15. Deal with complaints and mediate in case of disputes.

16. Speak to individual members regarding particular issues when necessary.

17. Represent the club at local and Inter-federation level.

18. Help promote the club.

19. Oversee arrangements/rota for tea, door money, judges, talks, etc. for each session.

20. Ensure that the club has an appropriate up-to-date Constitution and Disciplinary Procedures.

21. Delegate duties as appropriate so that he has a manageable role

22. Copy any emails to committee/members or external bodies to the club Secretary for record.

CPS Committee Members Vacancies

CPS Chairman Job Description Word DOC

CPS Committee Job Descriptions

Print Secretary

1. Be responsible for the care and storage of member’s mounted prints.

2. Announce reminder of print hand in dates ahead of time.

3. Collect Prints from members at the allocated meeting.

4. Arrive early on competition nights to allow enough time to arrange prints on stands. Wear white gloves when possible.

5. Ensure the judge has seen the competition definition at commencement of the evening.

6. Arrange for titles of images to be read out clearly when each image is presented on lightbox.

7. Collate the scores and fill out the relevant certificates for the judge to sign prior to presenting.

8. Update League score sheet and forward to web master along with PDI copies of winning and Highly commended images and members names.

9. Forward the above mentioned PDI copies to Press secretary promptly for inclusion into local newspaper.

10. Keep a record of PDI copies of Prints on club laptop to aid the selection process for external competitions.

11. Work closely with selection committee for upcoming External Competitions and Battles and assist with correct labelling, delivery and collection or prints.

CPS Print Secretary Job Description Word DOC

CPS Committee Job Descriptions

Programme Secretary

1. Aim to provide a varied programme of speakers, competitions and member’s evenings a minimum of 1 year ahead.

2. Agree an average fee for speakers with committee and liaise when there is potential to book a Special Speaker.

3. In addition to the published KCPA speakers, liaise with other members and local interest groups regarding potential speaker recommendations.

4. Ensure Premier Judges are booked well in advance of Annual competitions.

5. Book KCPA accredited judges and trainee judges for regular League competitions ensuring they have venue directions and all information necessary for the competition they are to judge.

6. Two weeks prior to the Talk or Competition, make contact with the Judge and provide our Definition and Set Subject theme OR confirm with the Speaker their availability and any requirements they may have eg projector, screen, laptop, model, props.

7. Communicate any or the above requirements with the relevant committee members setting up the Hall.

8. Welcome the guest speaker or judge on the evening and liaise with treasurer that correct fee is paid.

9. Ensure that a Thank you is written to the Judge or speaker within a few days of the event.

10. If appropriate give any relevant feedback to the KCPA with the support of the committee.

CPS Programme Secretary Job Description Word DOC

CPS Committee Job Descriptions


1. Ensure all data on the club membership is kept secure and not shared without the permission of individual members.

2. Act as the general point of contact for other clubs and organisation and circulate appropriate information to the relevant membership or committee as required in a timely manner.

3. Take accurate minutes at committee meetings, AGM or EGM and circulate for approval in a timely manner.

4. Email members of any updates and reminders regarding the programme or competitions.

5. Handle any form of correspondence with confidentiality and keep any paper records secure.

CPS Secretary Job Description Word DOC