Canterbury Photographic Society


Competition Rules

Annual Competition Rules


Annual Digital Images Competition Rules 2017/2018

Annual Print Competition Rules 2017/2018



A member may enter a maximum of five images, with no more than three in the Pictorial section and no more than two in either of the Record, Creative,Portrait or Nature/Wildlife sections.


Images used in League Competitions may be used again in this competition.


Images for the Pictorial Section can be of any subject.


Record Section images should show detail of item to enable it to be reproduced.


Entries into the Creative Section must originate from a photographed image.


The Portrait Section is split into two parts:

Human portraits

Animal portraits




Digital Rules.....

Images will be required to be provided to the digital image secretary on the date shown in the programme and no later. Images may be black and white/monochrome or coloured. Images must be presented in jpg format of maximum quality, with a maximum size of 1400 x 1050 pixels and e-mailed to the Digital Images Secretary or recorded on a compact disc marked with the name of the entrant. Labels should not be attached to CDs because they may damage equipment. Portrait mode images should be reduced to suit the height of 1050 pixels and placed in the centre of the 1400 x 1050 image file for projection.


To be accepted, each image must have its filename in the following form.

The title in upper case letters, one space, by, one space, name of photographer.


For example:    ON THE BEACH - Joe Green.jpg

Or                     IN THE SEA - Jill Brown.jpg


Images should be e-mailed to  Jon Strange at or the CD handed in on the due date. Your entry must indicate which image is to be included in which section. This can be in an attached word document, in the text area of the e-mail, or on note paper with the CD.


Images for the Print Competition  must be handed to the Print Secretary Peter Smith on the due date accompanied  by an Entry Form


Should the number of entries received be greater than that deemed to be manageable in one evening, then one of the five images will be excluded. You are to indicate when submitting your entry which one of the five images should be excluded.