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We believe that the first meeting of local photographers took place in Canterbury in 1898. By all accounts they met to share ideas, methods, compare new equipment and perhaps most important of all to discuss why some pictures were visually more exciting than others. Today our club still meets for the same purpose!


The bewildering array of sophisticated equipment now on offer enables us to take pictures without having to have an A level in science. However while a camera can relieve the photographer of the tedium involved in getting the exposure correct and making sure the picture is in focus, it cannot decide which image is worth recording and how.


Only by looking at a variety of pictures and hearing informed comment from experienced photographers can we learn. The club provides ample opportunity for both beginners and more advanced photographers to view prints and slides throughout the season. Participation in competitions is purely voluntary but is recommended. Otherwise be sure that most of your related questions will be taken up by enthusiastic members who will always do their best to point you in the right direction.


Our season’s programme also generally includes workshops, talks on new techniques, travelogues, audio-visual presentations and competitions with other clubs in the area.


Digital cameras and computer enhanced prints are revolutionising the photographic world allowing manipulation of images to a degree which would be impossible using traditional darkroom methods. The club fully supports digital photography and one evening per month is devoted entirely to digital photography with emphasis on getting to grips with Photo Shop. A number of members are active in experimenting with the latest computer software, scanners, printers and digital cameras for which help is available.


Our friendly club ensures you will get a warm welcome and an interesting and rewarding time to expand your enjoyment of photography.

AGM 2017 Chairman’s Report


Without doubt, in my opinion, this last season has been the best the Club have enjoyed for a long time with a wide range of first class talks and high quality competitions resulting in many kind and positive comments from members.


This has been largely due to the careful planning and hard work from your dedicated committee for whom I would personally like to sincerely thank for the continuing progress of our Club.

This season it has been so nice to see so many new members, most of who have taken part and done well in competitions. Congratulations and welcome to all of you. I am gradually learning your names!


We have also had members who have been successful in attaining various distinctions and success in Club and other outside competitions both national and international. Well done.  A further development has meant that with the additional use of the upstairs hall we are now able to meet on an extra Wednesday each month. Do come along and enjoy a chance to help each other develop your photographic skills with help and advice from each other. These evenings are already proving popular. I am delighted to see the Club continue to progress and develop and thank all of you for being part of it and I am already looking forward to next season when we have some more excellent speakers and a varied programme lined up for you.


Finally, huge thanks to Wendy for organising the summer shoots which have now become established as part of the Club year.


John Newell


John Newell

John Newell


(2014 - Present)

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