Canterbury Photographic Society


4-Way Battle 2019

Friday 10th May

The Canterbury Photographic Society took part in another external competition, this second event was a 4 Way Battle arranged by Ashford Club on Friday 10th May, and involved Canterbury, Ashford, Folkestone and Gateway.


The venue was Givaudan Social Club, Kennington, Ashford TN24 0LT


Each Club entered 8 prints and 8 pdi's  with no more than 1 print and 1 PDI from an individual photographer.


Our members were up against some really stiff competition at the Four Way Battle. Our hosts Ashford romped ahead to win the event and it was interesting to see that some of our images which had won awards at County level did not fair so well with Judge Chris Palmer, which goes to show that even top judges can have differing opinions to each other!


The event was very well supported with 12 Canterbury members attending and it was a great opportunity to socialise with members of other clubs.


The final scores were;

Ashford      277

Gateway    272

Folkestone 260

Canterbury 253


These occasions are great for getting to see the standard of work that other local clubs are producing and an opportunity to socialise with their members. The standard of images throughout the whole evening was exceptional.

Congratulations to Ashford, we look forward to the chance to compete again!

Canterbury PDI entries

Canterbury Print entries