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2018-2019 Meetings:  Jan/Feb



23rd January 2019

Polina Plotnikova is a most sought after speaker and rarely travels to Kent. Canterbury Photographic Society were thrilled that she agreed to come to their meeting on Wednesday evening and the club was able to extend an invite to other Kent club members.

Polina was born in Russia and studied Art History at Moscow University but she now lives in the UK. She spent many years working in museum and gallery archives and curated exhibitions for galleries. Through her love of some of the most famous Flower and Still Life artists she began her own photographic journey 20 years ago, emulating styles of some of the painters she had long admired.  She has exhibited in numerous Salons and has been awarded Gold Medals and Photographer of The Year by organisations including The Royal Horticultural Society, International Garden Photographer of The Year and Food Photographer of The Year. She now has the honour of being chosen to judge this year's Food Photographer of the Year competition.

Polina aims to create an image as near perfect as possible in camera without the need of lengthy post processing. If an object in her image appears to be levitating it's because it really is! Suspending items on fishing line or propping on glass vials has become commonplace in her method of working with very little editing required to remove the props. She pre visualizesher final image ahead of each photoshoot and she knows exactly where every object should sit comfortably in her still life images, often going to great lengths to source the items required for an image. More recently her flower images have become less botanical in style and more creative including capturing flowers in their dying phase and using creative optics to achieve a unique approach. Her use of intentional camera movement and multiple exposures gained her a fourth Gold medal in 2018 for her creative portfolio of flowers at the Royal Horticultural Society annual competition and exhibition.

Her words of encouragement and explanations on her setup enthused members to want to have a play with still life and flower photography in their own homes with minimal equipment required. Polina also supplied notes and fact sheets to each member to study at their leisure.


30th January 2019

KCPA Judge Zoe Garnham-Archer was invited to judge the 3rd Projected Digital Images League competition at last week's meeting. Members were asked to submit images into the set subject category 'Work Rest and Play' and the usual 'Open' section where anything goes.  There was a huge variety of images for Zoe to comment on and offer suggestions for improvement. She awarded First place in the set subject to Philip Wells for his image 'Roger Federer at Work' closely followed by Chris Williamson for 'Lost In Music' and Lyn Gregory with 'Living the Dream' each scoring 20 points. Sandy Littlejohn and Dave Horwood also received Highly Commended for their images 'Summer Fun' and Early Morning Exercise' respectively.

The open section was won by Bill Grinney for his image 'Eventide and Philip Wells also achieved 20 points for 'Common Blue Butterfly'. Highly Commended certificates were awarded to Wendy Kennett for 'Seventh Wave' Sarah Vinall for 'The Stray' and Bill Grinney for 'Ghost Flight'.



6th February 2019

On a previous occasion, Commercial Photographer, Chris Lee,  presented images that he takes for a living. He could be commissioned to jet off to somewhere exotic to shoot for a holiday or cruise brochure, or take a call to shoot  a new range of furniture, a vintage watch collection, corporate portraiture or a even a Power Station!    

The presentation Chris gave to members this time was based on images he ‘takes for fun’ when he’s not getting paid to shoot a product or location or models.

In addition to loving fast cars Chris is a keen runner. He has taken part in the three Peak Challenge which included Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mount Snowdon and completed in an amazing time of 20hrs. When he’s not racing against the clock he will happily stop along the way to capture the scene before him if the conditions provide perfect  light and composition but stressed that he can walk for miles and not take a single image if nothing really grabs his attention.  He particularly likes lone trees and dramatic skies and many of his landscapes taken previously on film but more recently digitally are processed in monochrome.  He enjoys architectural images and experiments with various lens filters creating an infrared appearance or an ethereal dreamy image. He showed a wide variety of images including motor racing, landscapes, architecture  and portraiture and had many tales to share about his various encounters along the way.

The second half of the evening was dedicated to his trip to New York and a series of these images were shown  as an Audio Visual presentation including some taken from a Helicopter ride. Chris was happy to answer the many questions from  members and will hopefully return in the future with more advice on how to shoot product photography.

13th February 2019

Camera club judge Darren Woolway cast his experienced eye over members prints last week.  He is by trade a commercial photographer specialising in car advertising and very used to scrutinising images for any little distraction or imperfection. There was an opportunity for him to explain the criteria of his judging before he commenced his critique on each image. This was the third Print competition in the League and the set subject to be judged first was 'Picture Postcard'. Some members took the brief quite literally and produced an assortment of Postcard designs which included the addition of type to their work. Others interpreted the brief as a pretty picture postcard scene so there was a huge variety for Darren to comment on. He gave excellent feedback on each image, useful tips on improvement either at the point of image capture or in post processing. The set subject winner was Wendy Kennett's image 'From Kent with Love'. She was closely followed by Steve Presnell who also scored 20 and Highly commended for 'Mermaid Street' and Catherine Elgie- Peters was also awarded Highly Commended for her dramatic holiday postcard 'Look at Me-Maho Beach St Maartens'

During the break members had an opportunity to look more closely at the prints. The second half of the meeting was the Open Section where members can enter whatever they like. Steve Presnell won with his atmospheric farmland image 'Cloud Farm' and he was closely followed by Wendy Kennett who also scored 20 and Highly commended for her ethereal dance image 'At the Stroke of Midnight'. Steve Presenell's second image in the open section achieved Highly Commended for  'Still Standing' as did Philip Wells for his nature image 'Old World Swallow Tail Caterpillar'.



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27th February 2019 - Annual Panel Competition.

Members were honoured to have Premier Judge Kirsty Ralfs cast her experienced eye over the club’s Annual Print Panel Competition.

Each of the 24 panels submitted consisted of three images which were to form a cohesive forth image when viewed together.

Kirsty offered very valuable critique in the form of  praise and constructive advise to members and added a great sense of humour to the evening.

It was good  experience  for those considering distinctions with the Royal Photographic Society when 10 or more images are required to complete a panel.

Sarah Vinall was the overall winner with a beautiful creative panel titled ‘A Touch of Nature’ and she was presented with a Shield to keep for one year.

Kirsty also awarded 4 Highly Commended certificates: Steve Presnell for ‘Flow’, Wendy Kennett for ‘Nymphs in the Moonlight’ and Bill Grinney was awarded 2 Highly Commended certificates for ‘Lunch Time’ and ‘Two Strikes One Down’.

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