Canterbury Photographic Society


2017-2018 Summer Shoot Reports


Last Wednesday evening provided perfect conditions for a Hot Air

Balloon ride. Instead, 10 members of Canterbury Photographic Society

chose to spend an idyllic evening cruising the River Stour curtesy of

Fordwich River Tours.This was to be the first of many Summer Shoots

where members gather socially and learn from each other. We met

promptly at the jetty next to the historic town hall. Some members

arrived earlier to take advantage of the photo opportunities that

Fordwich provided and famous for being the smallest town in Britain.

Flat calm conditions and beautiful light  provided  opportunity to

capture nature, landscape and abstract images as the boat steadily

made its way along the stretch of the Stour between Fordwich, Chislet,

Hersden and Stodmarsh. Members cruised to where the water became more

sea water than river water and the brackish mixture created excellent

habitats for fish and eels. Our crew, Nigel and Nigel adapted very

well to suit the needs of photographers. We had quiet commentary along

the way pointing out landmarks and the history of the river and both

crew members were only too willing to pause the boat for us  to

capture potential ‘winning images’.


Our crew have become accustomed to seeing Otter and Beaver along this

stretch of the Stour recently and although none of us managed to

capture either on camera we were treated to fleeting views of the

elusive kingfishers as rapid flashes of scarlet and electric blue flew

close to the surface of the water as they darted from bank to bank

feeding young!


For those members with polarised filters, the under water scene came

alive with a variety of river weeds, reeds,water lilies, fish and eels

in addition to dragonfly and banded demoiselles looking for the

perfect reed to roost for the night. Plenty of birdsong accompanied

our trip and we encountered the odd fisherman, a swimmer and a group

of canoeists enjoying the tranquil evening.


The evening ended in the usual way at a local pub for a debrief and to

plan our next outing.


For a list of our Summer Programme schedule please find schedule on website HERE.  For any last minute changes, Members please see the club's Facebook page (Canterbury Photographic Society) or phone/text Wendy Kennett (Club Summer Shoot Co-Ordinator) on 07540519182.  If you are a non-member and wish to check there are no last minute changes please phone/text Wendy on mobile number given above ... an ideal way to meet members and decide if you would like to join us for the new term in September.

We are back on 5th September 2018 and here is a link to  Next Season's Programme.

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Last Wednesday evening members of Canterbury Photographic Society enjoyed yet another sunny evening for their Summer Shoot programme of activities. This time the group explored the rare bog and heathland habit at Hothfield Common. The recent lack of rain had dried much of the boggy areas but from the boardwalk, members were able to take images of the carnivorous Sundew plant and rare Bog Asphodel which were thriving. Backlit cotton grass and the few remaining orchids gave plenty of variety of compositions.

The members then put their macro skills to the test in a meadow surrounded by Konic ponies. Dragonflies, grasshoppers, spiders, butterflies and beetles were settling for the night amongst the wild grasses.

At an impromptu stop at a pub on the way home members were entertained to a performance of live Irish folk music. A fitting end to a lovely evening.




A last minute change of plans was made to the  Canterbury Photographic Society summer shoot programme on account of England reaching the semi-finals in the World Cup..The group met a day earlier at Folkestone last Tuesday. The renovated pier arm provided some architectural image potential early evening but was quite busy due to large screens showing a football match. The members wandered along to the sandy beach and arches with some rocks adding foreground interest to the incoming tide. Members practiced slow shutter techniques using filters and polarisers to achieve milky waters and soft wav,action. As the last of the sunset faded and the tide came in a little too close for comfort, the group captured images of the harbour area on their way to a fish and chip supper.


23rd July 2018  FORT HORSTED

In the sweltering heat last Monday, members of Canterbury Photographic Society were pleased to seek a cool escape in the tunnels and Magazine rooms of Fort Horsted in Chatham.

On their arrival members were given a guided tour of the English Heritage, Napoleonic fort, one of five built in 1880 to defend the Medway towns. Some members carried torches and ventured down three flights of steep stairs to a room with fine examples of graffiti by soldiers etched into the plaster walls dating back to the early 1900's Some of the sketches depicted Charlie Chaplain, the London Blitz and an array of saucy images with sailors and ladies alongside touching poetry and the signatures of many soldiers.

The Fort is well camouflaged by a wild flower nature reserve on its rooftop with some examples of various guns and wartime machinery.

Members braved the heat for short periods capturing images of the flowers, butterflies, overhead aircraft  and far reaching views across the Kent countryside and River Medway.

On our usual Wednesday evening meeting. members gathered on the chalk downs at Temple Ewell to photograph sleeping butterflies in perfect  conditions.

IMG_5049 IMG_5071 (1)


Another well supported summer shoot last Wednesday in warm sunshine and slight breeze which was perfect for the task in hand. Donna (the owner) invited members to her secluded 'Enchanted Garden and Nursery' near Wraik Hill Whitstable. She is a passionate gardener dedicated to promoting wildlife in her garden/nursery. She specialises in plants that can withstand the local climate and conditions of heavy clay soil and even in the recent high temperatures the garden was colourful and rich in pollinating flowers and architectural seed heads adding to the diversity. She has transformed her heavy clay barren plot over a period of 23yrs and has shown at Detling where she has achieved 2 Silver Gilt medals and in 2017 a Gold award. Other local garden shows include Godington House, and Belmont and she has supported Whitstable Lions for 15years.

Members were given access to all areas of the garden and were able to move nursery potted plants into position to take advantage of lighting and backgrounds. Bumble bees diving into Artichoke flower heads and lady birds on Fennel and Eryngium proved popular subjects as did her rescue cat Old Tag.

Towards the end of the session Donna and her colleague Louise provided tea, coffee and cake  for us and an invite to return at a different time of year.  A real hidden treasure for any other clubs to take advantage of.

A few members also set their alarm clocks on Saturday morning and headed to Seasalter to capture images of the Swale Barge Race that set off at 7.30am.


8th August 2018  SEASALTER

Club members would have preferred a little more wave action at Seasalter last Wednesday evening. The plan was to use slow shutter speeds to create a silky smooth incoming tide. Conditions were so calm and still that the tide silently crept across the sand to meet us without the need of filters or slow shutters!  The group made the most of capturing the derelict breakwaters reflected in a mirror like sea which gradually changed colour as the sun began to set.

The Summer Shoots have been very well attended this year and the last meetup will take place on 22nd August in Canterbury for some Street and Architecture photography followed by a get-together in a pub. At the first meeting of the new term on Wednesday 5th September there will be a secret ballot and members will choose their favourite image captured at one of these organised events. The winner will be presented with a glass trophy to keep for a year before passing it on to next year's winner.

Seasalter Derelict Breakwaters SEASALTER


A  stroll around our lovely city was the plan for the last of the Summer Shoot programme before the new term begins on Wednesday 5th September. Fifteen members of Canterbury Photographic Society caused quite a stir with visitors and residents alike as they moved through the Kings Mile and Burgate area with cameras, bags and tripods, curious to learn which celebrity had arrived in town!

Members were treated to some lovely golden light striking the tops of buildings and as the light faded the street lights, shops and restaurants came alive with some challenging opportunities controlling camera settings and taking images through glass. The owner of Cream restaurant very kindly allowed some members inside to take images of the fascinating decor including copper cylinders, old clock workings, divers helmets, recycled musical instruments and wonderful lighting effects.The 'Blue hour' did not disappoint as members gravitated to Butchery Lane for a view of the pavements cafe's and Cathedral without it's scaffolding.

A sudden surge of public in the high street highlighted the fact that the Marlowe theatre performance had ended early so members rushed to capture slow shutter silhouetted figures leaving the colourful backdrop of the theatre.

The Miller's Arms pub were very accommodating as we arrived for a late drink before going our separate ways. It was a time to reflect on the summer shoots and chat about the Summer Shoot Trophy award competition entries.

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