Canterbury Photographic Society


2017-2018 Meeting Reports Sept/Oct

6th September 2017

The first meeting of the new season took place on Wednesday 6th September.  Chairman John Newell welcomed existing and several new members to the new season.


John and the members congratulated Wendy Kennett on achieving her well deserved distinction of L.R.P.S. and also thanked her for arranging the popular and successful summer outing programme.  Wendy then explained some of the types of distinctions available and a brief outline of the routes that needed to be taken to achieve them. Wendy also gave an overview of the rules for entering Competitions and an idea of what the Club activities were.



Summer Outing 2017

The evening continued with the summer outing trophy competition. Members were asked to select an image from the eight categories covered in the summer shoots.

The chosen images from each section were then displayed alongside each other for members to select an overall winner.


The winner for a second successive season was Steve Silk with his picture entitled 'Red Tiles'.  Well done Steve.


On Wednesday 20th we will meet in the upper hall for general advice and tips and to help each other with our photography.

John Newell, Chairman (left) congratulates Steve Silk with his winning image 'Red Tile's

4th October 2017

Members were entertained by Andrew Garnham with his illustrated talk entitled 'Storm Chaser'. Andrew explained that to follow his hobby he had visited central USA several times to experience the excitement of the storms in this area and took time to show and explain to the audience the build up of storms and how they developed. Various cloud formations associated with the storms were explained and illustrated and Andrew also advised of the need to travel hundreds of miles to chase after potential storms often at the last minute helped by the tracking equipment available.

After the break we were shown the development of tornadoes of different strengths and size and the damage which they can cause and finally shown a selection of lightning strikes which often accompanied this kind of weather systems.

27th September 2017

On Wednesday 27th September Club members were able to enjoy the first projected images competition of the new season. The set subject was 'Places of Worship' followed as usual by the 'Open' section.


The judge for the evening was Tony Bentley A.R.P.S. from Maidstone who was making his first visit to our Club.


Tony was faced with the task of selecting and commenting on 43 images in the first section. This is probably the most images ever entered in one section but Tony managed the task adequately and commented on all the entries.


After the break Tony judged the second section with fewer entries but still had to select from and evaluate 26 images of all sorts of subjects.


The members present warmly thanked Tony for his efforts and constructive comments.


The results were as follows


Set Subject

Winner    Hallgrimskirk Altar by Wendy Kennett LRPS

Highly Commended certificates were awarded to Bill Grinney, Lyn Gregory, Steve Silk and Derek Marsh.


Open Subject

Winner    Putting an old lady to bed by Steve Silk

Highly Commended certificates were awarded to Lyn Gregory, Steve Presnell and Wendy Kennett.

13th September 2017

Members were given a wide range of images to enjoy when they were given a talk by local photographer Malcolm Hardie.


Malcolm showed several series of prints which had been achieved using the darkroom process and commented on when and where they had been achieved. He also explained some of the methods used to produce them in the darkroom.


As a keen photographer Malcolm was able to take advantage of having worked in The City of London and spent time outside his working hours recording local scenes.

11th October 2017

Local professional photographer Chris Lee was the speaker at our recent meeting.  Members were treated to a fascinating range of photographs many from pre digital times.


Chris explained many of the situations he had encountered when setting up and taking pictures for clients all over The World.  From School Prospectus to Food and Fashion as well as high profile client assignments Chris showed us work where his obvious skill shone through.


He explained how he was often able to request help in situations when for instance he had a cruise liner Captain will a full compliment of passengers take instructions on where he wanted him to position for the best possible light and also asked helicopter pilots to follow his specific routes to obtain the images he wanted to capture. He explained too that he often travelled in private jets owned by his clients to luxurious destinations.


On a trip to Hong Kong on one occasion he took his assistants and 14 cases of excess luggage and was asked by customs to open all the equipment for checking!


Whilst photographs often looked straightforward they took hours of careful planning and depended on weather conditions. It was clear that Chris went that 'extra mile' to get the best results.

25th October 2017

Malcolm Hardie kindly stepped in at short notice to judge our first print competition of the season at which the set subject was 'Coastal' followed by the set subject where anything goes.


Malcolm had to select from and comment on nearly 70 images in total and had a difficult job in seperating the top images.


The results were as follows


Set Subject Winner  Washed up by Wendy Kennett L.R.P.S. Highly Commended Done fishing by Steve Presnell,Resting place for boats by Steve Silk, Formed over time by John Howard, Crab spotting Broadstairs by Lyn Gregory


Open Subject Winner Aldermans Barrow by Steve Presnell, Highly Commended,Summer paddle by Wendy Kennett L.R.P.S.

Otter Island by Stewart Mckeown,Linear curves by John Howard


Top Row Left to Right:

Winner:   Washed Up by Wendy Kennett LRPS

H/C:  Done Fishing by Steve Presnell


Bottom Row Left to Right:

H/C:  Resting Place for Boats by Steve Silk

H/C:  Crab Spotting Broadstairs by Lyn Gregory

H/C:  Formed Over Time by John Howard






Top Row Left to Right:

Winner: Aldermans Barrow by Steve Presnell

H/C::  Otter Island by Stewart McKeown


Bottom Row Left to Right

H/C:  Summer paddle by Wendy Kennett LRPS

H/C:  Linear curves by John Howard