Canterbury Photographic Society


2017-2018 Meetings Mar/Apr

7th March 2018

At our last meeting members enjoyed an evening with Glyn Bareham CPAGB from Maidstone displaying his work.


Glyn showed a wide range of photographs illustrating the art of achieving better pictures and giving examples of waiting for the right light and moment to press the shutter and capture the image.


Glyn commented a little about each picture presented often about why and where they were taken and included several pictures that told a particular story or that he had found humerous or interesting for some other reason.


Members went away having enjoyed a particularly entertaining evening with lots of great images on show and tips on how to improve their photography.

14th March 2018

June Sharpe ARPS from Deal was the judge for our 7th Competition which was for digitally projected images with the set subject of 'Transport' followed as usual by the 'Open' section.


June had her work cut out with forty images in the set subject and 27 in the open section.  After careful consideration and having given various comments and constructive criticism in some cases the results were as follows :-


Set subject Winner 'High and Dry' by Mike Peak

Highly commended awards were given to Steve Presnell, Philip Wells, Steve Silk,John Davies, Sandy Littlejohn and Nick Wells who all received 19 points.


In the open section the winner was Wendy Kennet with her picture 'Windswept Dunes'

HIghly Commended was awarded to Steve Presnell, Steve Silk and John Newell.

thumbnail (12) thumbnail (11)



HIGH AND DRY by Mike Peak








by Wendy Kennett LRPS

28th March 2018

At tonight's meeting the club members enjoyed a talk by Premier Judge Roger Force FRPS DPAGB APAGB  entitled "From A to D to F".


Roger gave a great talk which took us through how he started photography and joined his first club at the age of 27 before digital came into being.   With a lovely array of prints (including his first ever print entered into competition), Roger finished with his successful F panel.  This consisted of twenty images as a cohesive panel based on reflections around Blue Water Shopping Centre.  


it was a very enlightening talk enjoyed by all.


5th April 2018

At tonight's meeting, Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB judged the club's Panel Competition.  There were twenty-three panels of three images each put in by members, which gave Sue quite a task to decide which one she felt was the best of the bunch.  All things considered, Wendy Kennett LRPS was the winner with her wonderful panel entitled:  WINDSWEPT DUNES.


11th April 2018

At this meeting we saw the last of the Print League Competitions judged by Carole White-Griffiths LRPS.  The set subject was Macro/Close Up, with an Open Section.


Carole had sixty-three images to judge and did a excellent job, with constructive tips and and an honest critique.


The results for the Set Subject are:



H/C:  BLUE by Steve Presnell

H/C:  ENGLISH BLUEBELLS by Sandy Littlejohn


The Open Section results are:


H/C:  CAUTION:  MAY CONTAIN FISH BONES by Di Long                         LRPS CPAGB



25th April 2018

The Club enjoyed a very information and entertaining evening with Darren Woolway ARPS, AMPA, BA (Hons) Digital Photography, who gave the members a tutorial on Artificial and Mixed Lighting.  


With the help of a 'volunteer' model. Millie Denham, Darren showed the members all  the equipment he was going to use during the evening which comprised reflectors, modifiers, flash guns, gels, etc.  


In the first half of the meeting Darren went through the equipment and explained them individually.  He then demonstrated lighting techniques and showed how light can be modified and shaped.  With his camera being tethered to a laptop, and then viewed via the projector onto the screen, members were able to see each step in 'real time' as the process was being demonstrated.


After tea, the members enjoyed more lighting techniques and a demonstration of how Darren employed a quick and easy workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop.

thumbnail thumbnail (3) thumbnail thumbnail (2)

Set 1: Mixed Lighting Using Flashgun

Set 2: Beauty Lighting using 2 Lights and a Reflector

Here is a before  and after shot so you can see how the skin colour of her face and body has been corrected.

thumbnail (1)

Here is a close up at 100% so that you can see that the skin detail has been retained.

Set 3: One light with no background