Canterbury Photographic Society


2017-2018 Meetings:  Jan/Feb

3td January 2018

Our first meeting of the New Year was a members evening when members participated in showing and explaining some of their work.


The first half was mostly taken up with members showing prints including some older darkroom work and

included astronomical photography tips from John Kemp.


After the break some members provided a selection of interesting Audio Visual sequences.


10th January 2018

Members of Canterbury Photographic Society were treated to not one but two judges comments at their latest Projected Digital Image league competition.


The highly talented Nature and Travel photographers, Ian and Marie-Laure Stone had requested a preview of the images to study at home prior to the Christmas break.


They explained their process of judging and marking independently and then they meet to discuss their results with each other until they reach agreement. They felt they benefited  greatly from being able to study the images at home in detail prior to the evening and could provide members with a better critique.

The set subject was Street photography and the couple  both contributed comments which were constructive and entertaining.


Steve Presnell captured the winning image ‘Pavement Chalk Artist’. Philip Wells received Highly commended for his image ‘A Taste of Canterbury’ and Wendy Kennett LRPS also gained Highly Commended for her image ‘I Think Not’



The Open section was won by Wendy Kennett LRPS for her Scottish Landscape ‘Tripple Falls’ closely followed by Jon Strange who also received 20 points and Highly Commended for his portrait ‘Petra’ and Pete Covill gained Highly Commended for his record image ‘Scissor Arches, Wells Cathedral’

OPEN DPI 10 JAN 2018


Top Row:

WINNER:  'Tripple Falls'  by wendy Kennett LRPS


Bottom Row (left to right)

Highly Commended:  'Petra' by Jon Strange

Highly Commended:  'Scissor Arches, Wells Cathedral' by Pete Covill



Top Row:

WINNER:   ‘Pavement Chalk Artist’ by Steve Presnell


Bottom Row (left to right):

Highly Commended:   ‘A Taste of Canterbury’ by Philip Wells

Highly Commended:   ‘I Think Not’ by Wendy Kennett LRPS


24th January 2018

On Wednesday 24th January our speaker was Iain Blacklock LRPS from Sittingbourne.


Iain gave an in depth lecture on Adobe Lightroom software which is often used in in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop but also as a stand alone programme.


In the first half Iain explained mostly the powerful use of indexing and cataloging of images this programme has which makes it easier for the user to find pictures of a certain kind or genre.


The second half was taken up with the use of various adjustment tools which are available to the user.


The talk was well received and several members felt they were more likely to use the programme and had gained a great deal of knowledge of the software to enable them to use it more fully and with more confidence.

31st January 2018

Last week Canterbury held a battle against Whitstable Camera Club and there were two open sections, Projected Digital Images followed by Prints.  Our judge for the event was Tony Bentley ARPS from Maidstone.


The total overall score was Canterbury 398 Whitstable 421.


Winner of the best Print was Claire Gilbert from Whitstable with her print Sea Spirit


Winner of the best Projected image was Di Long LRPS CPAGB Canterbury  with 99 Red Balloons.


sea spirit thumbnail (8)


SEA SPIRIT by Claire Gilbert (Whitstable)

99 RED BALLOONS by Di Long LRPS CPAGB (Canterbury)

7th February 2018

Our speaker on Wednesday 7th February was Viveca Koh FRPS. VIveca is well know for her photography using her Iphone however on this occasion she gave a lengthy repertoire of her work in general.


She started with monochrome pictures and then concentrated on her various images of Venice where she has visited on several occasions.


Following the break the audience were shown her clever skills and shown examples using a base picture of a written postcard and adding an image to it to suit and achieving an overall pleasing composite image.


The final section of the evening concentrated on Viveca's obvious love of iPhone photography which again was illustrated with fine examples of her images.

14th February 2018

On Wednesday 14th February our set subject for the print competition was 'Living Creatures' which drew a large number of entries and a wide range of images for our judge Dr.Peter Lewis LRPS.


This event was followed by the open competition.


After careful consideration by Dr.Lewis the results were given as follows


Set Subject.

1st    Lyn Gregory              Time For Lunch.

Highly Commended

Steve Silk                           Just Waiting  Crocodile Australia

John Howard                      Reed Warbler

Mike Peak                           Proud Mother

Pete Smith                          Shaggy Dog Story


Open Subject

1st    John Howard              Breakwater Perspective

Highly Commended

Di Long LRPS   CPAGB     Colour Match Levitation.



Top Row:

WINNER:  "Time for Lunch" by Lyn Gregory


Middle Row (left to right)

Highly Commended:  "Shaggy Dog Story" by Pete Smith

Highly Commended:  "Proud Mother" by Mike Peak


Bottom Row (left to right)

Highly Commended:  "Reed Warbler" by John Howard

Highly Commended:  "Just Waiting Crocodile Australia" by Steve Silk


Top Row:

WINNER:  "Breakwater Perspective" by John Howard


Bottom Row:

Highly Commended:  "Colour Match Levitation" by Di Long LRPS CPAGB


21st February 2018

On Wednesday 21st February Canterbury had a friendly inter club battle with Deal Photographic Society.  Twelve prints and twelve projected images were selected by each Club and presented to our judge from Thanet, Cherry Larcombe.


Cherry gave a full and thorough appraisal of all the images and after a very close first half of projected images a slim lead was held by Deal ... Deal 205  points Canterbury 203  points.


The print section was also very close but was again a success for Deal with points as follows:   Deal 212 points Canterbury 208 points.  The overall result was a win for Deal.  Deal 417 points Canterbury 411 points


The Canterbury images achieving most points were:

Projected images - Concert Piano by Catherine Elgie-Peters 20 points.  

Prints:   Perils of Grasstrack by Pete Smith 20 points

Hippos in the Mara River, Confrontation by Sandra Littlejohn 20 points.

CONCERT PIANO by Catherine Elgie-Peters thumbnail (10) 1 thumbnail (9)


CONCERT PIANO by Catherine Elgie-Peters