Canterbury Photographic Society


2017 Summer Shoot Schedule


7-30 meet unless otherwise agreed and car share encouraged.

My mobile number 07540 519182

Plans can change at the very last minute due to weather conditions or potential for a better location so it is important to check your emails before setting off and it’s also useful to know in advance who is joining the group in order to car share or look out for each other.

Regular updates given throughout the summer break.


7th June!   (MESSAGE FROM WENDY) updated 6th June

Hi All

In view of our mad summer weather and unpredictability of the forecast for tomorrow evening I think it is a safer bet to meet locally in Canterbury rather than risk travelling further afield.

We usually park in St Radigunds car park at 7-30pm and walk towards the Marlowe theatre. Suggest wide angle lenses and tripods. Potential for street scenes, architecture, textures, light trails. Bring filters and stoppers if you have them.

It is a good idea to let me know if you intend joining the group as we will wait for you and set off together.

Fingers crossed it stays dry.
















21st June.      Seasalter from Sportsman pub, parking in the  layby area Walking  on the beach along the shoreline infront of the beach huts towards Faversham to the  worn breakwaters. This visit is planned for coinciding with high tide just after 9.30pm. Opportunity for some  Slow shutter work for incoming tide with filters or big stoppers, sunset and filter use,  also macro for plantlife.  


MESSAGE FROM WENDY (updated 6pm 11th June)

Hi Folks.

Weather permitting on Wednesday 21st June our Seasalter summer shoot will primarily focus on capturing incoming tide across the mudflats and reaching the derelict breakwaters and groynes. High tide should be at about 9-30 to 10pm.

Some of the members that attended last week were keen to arrive earlier at some of our destinations and that isn't a problem but for those that work it could be difficult. We will always set a central meeting point at 7-30pm or give clear instructions on how to meet up with the rest of the group.

We had better NOT park in the Sportsman pub carpark but there are several places along the roadside to safely leave cars and car sharing would help the situation greatly.

There is a gap in the sea wall just behind the beach huts with steps down to beach. Walk along shoreline of this private section of beach in front of the beach huts for approx 5-10mins until you reach the gnarled and worn breakwaters.

In good light there are detailed shots to be had and plenty of beach fauna so macro or telephoto lens could be useful. A wide angle lens is best for the seascape views.

Some homework prior to the shoot for those unfamiliar with slow shutter work and may need to look at their camera manuals to be able to operate in manual mode and familiarise themselves with controls.

Any graduated or neutral density filters, polarisers, big or little stoppers are all useful but not essential as long as you know ...

1.How to set your camera to manual mode.

2. Be able to alter shutter speed and aperture.

3. Know how to change your ISO.

4. How to switch your lens to manual focus if using a big or little stopper.

5. If you haven't got a remote cable release, know how to set a 2 second timer delay to reduce any camera shake.

6. Tripod essential.


We can work together on the various camera settings on the night but knowing how your camera operates in manual mode will be really helpful to you.

Nearer the time I shall send out an update according to weather conditions and it's always good to know if you intend to join us on the night as plans can change rapidly.



MESSAGE FROM WENDY (Update 20th June 10.50pm)

Hi All

Looks very hopeful for tomorrow so plans can go ahead. Parking along roadside near to Sportsman pub at Seasalter. Some of us will be arriving at 6pm to make most of the incoming tide. For those arriving later there will be no problem catching up with us. Just walk through the gap in the sea wall behind the beach huts and then walk along the shore line in-front of the huts. 5-10 minute walk to reach derelict breakwaters.

My phone number is 07540519182.

Useful to know who's joining us and car sharing is encouraged.

























5th July.       Stodmarsh Nature Reserve car park (take the track on the left just after the Red Lion pub) Meet in reserve car park. Telephoto lens useful. Hides for bird photography, roosting drangonflies and damselflies, reed beds and wildlife.


MESSAGE FROM WENDY (Updated 3rd July 10.00 p.m.)

Hi All

If the weather holds for Wednesday evening this will be the plan. The meeting point  is

Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve car park. This can be reached by leaving south Canterbury on the Littlebourne road. Immediately after the Canterbury Golf club on the left you will see a country lane with a brown reserve sign . Follow the lane until you see the Red Lion Pub on your left ( try and resist the urge to go to pub first!)

Imediately after the pub follow a narrow track with speed bumps until you reach the car park.

Alternative route from anyone coming from the Sturry direction is to drive though Fordwich village and turn left on to Stodmarsh road.

Chance to view from hides with telephoto lenses, macro for roosting damselflies, and plenty of plant life.. Bring any filters or polarisers you have and tripods.

As usual plans could change at last minute if weather deteriorates so watch this space and the website.

Would be nice to know who is coming and of course the pub visit is on the way home!


07540 519182





12th July.        Town to be agreed, Street photography, Architecture.


MESSAGE FROM WENDY (updated 11th July 7.30 p.m.)

Hi All

I may not be back in time to join in next Wednesday but Pete Smith will be ready to coordinate things. I will still be able to pass on details of who is interested in going along.

Margate was voted  as the destination of choice as it provided plenty of opportunities last year and time for a bag of chips on the sea front! Some of us stayed later last year and captured some interesting night shots.

Some members may choose to go earlier but the 7.30pm meeting point will be tat he Clock tower on the Harbour in front of the Turner Gallery and not the clock tower in the middle of the roundabout !!

As usual let me or Pete know if you intend to join in by text or email

Pete's mobile is 07990821669

Wendy's mobile is 07540519182


Hope it stays fine




MESSAGE FROM WENDY (updated 12th July 5.30 p.m.)

Hi folks

It seems that in my eagerness to sort tide tables and sunset times I have messed up with the fortnightly dates

Clearly we did not meet tonight...and it was raining anyway!. The next shoot is next Wednesday at Margate. We will then return to the dates and itinerary as published.

Really sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Fifteen members enjoyed a breezy evening at Margate. High tide combined with a lovely sunset provided plenty of scope for capturing some potential winners. With Silhouettes, slow shutter and filter work and a bit of street photography, the gang made the most of this location.

Next Wednesday the members voted to go to fresh location at Folkestone parking in the car park immediately opposite the harbour arches and meeting at the pavement water fountain . More details to follow.






26th July .       Members choice - Folkestone.


Not the best of conditions at Folkestone last night but despite the poor light and misty rain at times, thirteen of us managed to have a productive evening and was more fun than sitting watching the telly box!

We practised long exposure work, using a polariser and filters, capturing reflections, intensional camera movement and handling poor light to best effect.

The local chip shop was most accommodating at almost closing time when we all piled in and were made very welcome in the warm.

Next shoot is 2weeks time on Wednesday 9th August. Dover Cliffs at Langdon is where we're are off to. Details to follow nearer the time.























16th August       Langdon cliffs, Dover. Meet at cliff parking bays. Do Not go beyond National Trust gate that says it will lock IT DOES !! Views of Docks, Light trails, Possible wreck and cliff tunnels (REACHED BY  STEEP STEPS and a bit of a hike if anyone wants to go a bit earlier)


Hi All

It's looking hopeful for this Wednesday evening as a substitute for rubbish conditions we had last week. Fingers crossed we can meet at Langdon Cliffs Dover. Some may want to arrive earlier to beat the high tide which is just before 6pm.


Alternatively meet at 7.30pm at the cliff to car parking bays. Don't go down the Jubilee Way. Turn right at that roundabout and almost on a sharp bend to the left towards the castle, take the left hand turning on a windy lane signposted Louis Bleriot memorial. On another hairpin bend to the left, turn sharp right into the Langdon Cliff National Trust entrance.. but remember not to go beyond the National trust gates that indicate they will be closed at night.

Tripods,telephoto lens, wide angle lens, macro and cable release and filters all useful.

Seascapes,Time lapse, light trails, macro  all have potential..

Watch this space for any change of plan nearer the time and please indicate if you are intending joining the gang.







23rd August.      University of Kent,  Campus.  I need to contact Uni for this planned visit due to security issues. Meeting point tba. Modern Architecture, Sculptures,  Slow shutter street type images, Views of the city



Summer Shoot Trophy Challenge.

Awarded to the member’s choice of  a Printed winning image that must have been captured or compiled from images taken at the above events.  Trophy  will be presented at our first meeting in September.


Eight Challenge Topics.


2. Rule of Thirds.  

3. Leading Lines.  

4. Black and White.  

5. Delicate.

6.Tiny world.

7. Living Creature.  

8. From a different Perspective.


Don’t forget the potential of these evenings to capture images for next season’s League competitions. Build a library of textures and backgrounds. A chance to learn and share camera skills from each other. And we usually gravitate towards a pub for a debrief.!


Hope lots of you can join us and feel free to bring along a guest or anyone who may potentially want to join us in September.



07540 519182




Any change to the original schedule shall be indicated in red.

Every endeavour shall be made to update any changes forwarded asap, but this cannot be guaranteed to be applicable in every case.


Please make sure to check your email/phone for up-to-date information from Wendy for any last minute change for any evening before you start your journey to the planned venue.

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Good turn out last night for our first summer shoot of the holidays. 12 of us formed the largest crowd in the city last night. Bereft of the general public we made the most of our street photography and were luckily in the pub when the heavens opened!

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