Canterbury Photographic Society


2016-2017 Meetings :  Nov/Dec

9th November 2016

Cherry Larcombe from Thanet was the judge for this seasons first print competition the set subject of which was 'still life' followed after the break by the 'open' subject when anything goes.


A wide range of different images was on view and Cherry commented on all those images presented to her and gave interesting and informative comments giving the members in the audience an opportunity to consider what might make a diifference when presenting an image for judging.


Aftere careful consideration of a large number of prints the results of winners and those gaining Highly Commended were as follows


Set Subject


Winner John Howard title Work in progress.


HC George Aldridge title Pennies from the purse.

HC Lyn Blackbourn title Mellow Yellow.

HC Dave Roberts title My Calibres.

HC Pete Smith title Life's End.


Open competition


Winner Steve Presnell title Scallop


HC Steve Presnell title Hut in the mist.

HC Steve Silk title Last of the summer wine.

HC Lyn Blackbourn title Music and Romance.

HC Dave Roberts title Dawn chorus.

HC Nick Wells title Queen and Subjects Chelsea 2016


(Click Here for Winning Images)

2nd November 2016

At our last meeting we were given an interesting and thorough run through of the huge variety of filters and plug ins that are available to enhance and alter our images creatively by Ashford photographer Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB.


In the first half Sue advised and showed on screen which filters were available, what they cost and what they did.


Sue demonstrated some of the filters she uses in the second half with a detailed tutorial where she showed members the effects obtained on her own chosen image which she altered by using combinations of adjustment tools available in individual filters.

23rd November 2016

Members were treated to a great evening of varied images included in a talk 'A Slice of Life' given by Dave Mason who specialises in street photography.


He explained how important it is to often wait for the right moment and showed examples in his pictures, especially those that gave good examples of simple colour coordination.


It was clear that he investigates and researches all opportunities to cover fascinating and less well known events and this provided an interesting insight into areas infrequently photographed and showed his ability to meet and mix with people and get their confidence whilst taking photographs and showed a very different approach to every day coverage of such gatherings.


Examples of his work included a clown convention in a Church in  Dalston and a gathering of Orthodox Jews in Stamford Hill North London as well as popular marches such as Pride and The Lord Mayors Show.

30th November 2016

Vince Winter from Folkestone was the judge for this weeks projected digital image competition with a set subject of 'Monochrome' which attracted forty images covering a wide range of subjects and provided him a with a difficult task in choosing the eventual winners from such an array of images. This was followed by the open section with a further thirty images so a very full night of images for the members to enjoy.


The results were as follows


Set subject Monochrome,  

Winner:   Time and motion Gatwick concourse by Steve Silk.

Highly Commended:   Last rays of the day by Wendy Kennett,

Highly Commended:  Millenium bridge and St.Pauls by David Cornelius

Highly Commended:  Minnis Bay by Stewart Mckeown

Highly Commended:  Wild Hare by Sarah Vinall,Cold Harbour by Bill Grinney


Open Subject

Winner:   Private moment by Di Long LRPS

Highly Commended:   Cathedral ceiling by Sarah Vinall

Highly Commended:  Storm over Sizewell by Steve Presnell

Highly Commended:  Bitten by a Bittern by Philip Wells



(Click Here for Winning Images)

14th December 2016

The set subject of our final meeting of the year was 'panels', this required members to provide a set of three similar mounted images on any subject. Our well known judge Chris Shore FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE5* current President of The Kent County Photographic Association was ably assisted by June Sharpe LRPS and together they took on the task of judging a huge number of panels from interested members which were presented on a wide range of  subjects and followed that by judging the open section of the competition.


The results were as follows :-


Set Subject:    Panels

Winner:   10.15 to Bishops Lydeard by Steve Presnell

Highly Commended:   Bracket Fungus in close up detail by Steve Silk


Open subject:

WInner:   Low Winter Light by Wendy Kennett

Highly Commended:   Pastoral Scene by John Howard

Highly Commended:   African Little breasted Roller by Sandy Littlejohn

Highly Commended:  Arrival by Airbourne by John Newell


(Click Here for Winning Images)


7th December 2016

Jack Taylor from Eastbourne was our speaker this week and an appreciative audience were treated to an evening of his favourite images, a varied display of work covering 50 years of photography. Jack's love of art showed through and he displayed his work In a carefully thought out manner and explained how a lot of the end results of composite images were achieved. A very inspiring evening overall.