Canterbury Photographic Society


2016-2017 Meetings March/April

1st March 2017

Experienced judge Sue Chapman was presented with projected images for the set subject of 'Landscape' followed by the 'Open' section.


Sue had a difficut task in selecting the overall winners after commenting and giving constructive ideas on each contributing members work.


Results as follows :


Set Subject:

Winner:   West Beach by Stewart Mckeown

Second:   Killarney Hillside by Wendy Kennett

Third:   Stronghold by Stewart Mckeown.

Highly Commended:   The Lavender Fields by Bill Grinney

Fairy Glen by Wendy Kennett



Open Subject:

Winner:   Dinorwig Calls Time by Wendy Kennett

Second:   At The Turner by Brian Baker

Highly Commended:  Feeling Blue by John Newell

When The Lord Mayor Came by Pete Smith

8th March 2017

At our recent meeting members were treated to a fascinating demonstration and talk about the unusual World of 3D photography by Kevin Harvey from Folkestone. An evening of surprises followed with objects seemingly projecting from the screen!


Flat 2D pictures were shown and then the equivalent image provided in 3D showing the depth achieved and the separation of layers, putting a different perspective on what was being viewed. Certainly an unusual and clever way of recording the scenes around us.

15th March 2017

Several members enjoyed a new diversion from the normal Club meeting, instead of missing a meeting due to the main hall being used it was decided to use the facility of the smaller upper hall.


Small groups gathered round laptops and discussed and helped and advised each other on various topics with more experienced members able to pass on hints and tips on methods they used on particular photographic programmes.


A very successful meeting resulted with lots of positive comments and feedback.





22nd March 2017

Dartford based judge Roger Force presidede over our Print Competition on 22nd March and had a difficult task to seperate the top images from those presented to him under the subject heading of 'Architecture' and eventully settled on Bibliotheque, Rouen Cathedral by Wendy Kennett.


After the interval the 'Open' section was another close contest but the clear winner from the top prints selected was again Wendy Kennett

with her splendid creative flower image which won first prize.


Results were as follows:


Set subject Architecture:

1st:   Bibliotheque Rouen Cathedral Wendy Kennett

Highly Commended:   An Architect's Wall Italy by Steve Silk

Highly Commended:  Cellarium Fountains Abbey by George Aldridge

Hichly Commended:  Terminus by Steve Presnell.


Open Subject:

1st:   First Glimpse of Spring by Wendy Kennett

Highly Commended:  Sunlight and Mist by John Howard

Highly Commended:  Swallowtail by Dave Roberts.

29th March 2017

Our most recent meeting was a talk and presentation by Vanda Ralevsca from London.


As well as regular members many visitors also attended from all parts of Kent to view the images on display and to hear Vanda's fascinating journey in photography through her eyes.


Although she has tried her hand at most genres of photography she has now settled mostly for landscape images and the appreciative audience were provided with an excellent evening of her images both projected and in print form.

12th April 2017

Russell Miles was the speaker at our meeting on 12th April with his talk entitled 'The life of a Hare'.


The members were presented with an evening of wonderful and varied wildlife scenes and images which Russell explained and commented on. Clearly a photographer who has time, patience and skill to record the events which were presented and enjoyed by a delighted audience. We hope to have a return visit from Russell with a talk about Seals.

5th April 2017

Paul Adams presided over the Society's annual projected images competition with several different categories to select winners from an evening for members to present and enjoy the best work in this format from the last season's work.


Results were as follows :-

CREATIVE, John Newell with Red Burst

HUMAN PORTRAIT, Jon Strange with Molly

ANIMAL PORTRAIT, Sandy Littlejohn with Romeo

LANDSCAPE/SEASCAPE, Bill Grinney with Goodbye Malta PICTORIAL, Di Long LRPS  wth Double Act

RECORD, John Newell with  Ceiling at Wells Cathedral

NATURE AND WILDLIFE, Wendy Kennett with Female Common Blue Butterfly


OVERALL WINNER, Di Long LRPS with Double Act


(Click here to see images)


19th April 2017

On 19th April Canterbury took part in the Annual five club battle for the East Kent Trophy judged by Darren Woolway ARPS and hosted by Deal Photographic Society.


Several members travelled to join with other Clubs all showing their top work and although the result for Canterbury was disappointing everyone had an enjoyable evening.


Results as follows :- Thanet 138, Folkestone 135, Gateway 132, Deal 126, Canterbury 115.

26th April 2017

Members took part in Chairman John Newell's Creative Challenge Trophy a lighthearted competition where each member is given the same image and is tasked to manipulate it in a creative manner.


Prints and DPI's were put in front of John to judge and comment on.  A wide range of images were provided giving a variation on the original picture which was a row of buildings in the colourful island of Burano.


John Kemp came up with the winning image entitled 'A lively nightscape' and afterwards explained to the audience how he had achieved his final entry after a lot of careful, clever and thoughtful work.

A LIVELY NIGHTSCAPE by John    Kemp (1) mess about original.

Original Mess About Image

John Kemp's successful final image:

A Lively Nightscape